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Bibb, Boston, Butterhead Lettuce

Green Butter LettuceRexRex is a thick-leaved summer type lettuce but often used year round. Excellent quality, with a nice, clean and well-closed base, its leaves are not brittle and it is easy to cut.
Bibb LettuceWinter DensityCompact, extra-dark green heads. Very tightly folded. Best described as a tall Buttercrunch. Flavor and texture are excellent.

Green and Red Leaf Lettuce

Green LeafMuirTechnically a Batavian type, the light green, extra wavy leaves form dense heads at a small size and can be harvested as a mini or left to bulk up into large, heavy, fullsize heads. The leaves are crisp and have excellent flavor.
Green LeafStarfighterStarfighter produces high yields of uniform, medium-size heads with good flavor. The dark green leaves are shiny and slightly savoyed.
Black Seeded SimpsonBlack Seeded Simpson
Green LeafBlack Seeded SimpsonA good producer of light green, curled, tender leaves.
Red OakleafCantarixA slow bolting, large-framed shiny red oakleaf, Cantarix has a bronzy leaf margin with beautiful deep red on lower leaves and tips of inner leaves, and a delicate, lime green interior. This lettuce has pliable ribs and a dense, weighty head.
Red OakleafMultiredInnovative leaf lettuce that separates into a multitude of individual same size baby leaves with one cut! Multileaf lettuces have a high number of uniformly shaped and sized leaves through the whole head. The flavor, texture and crunch will change your customers' outlook on salad mix. You can use Multileaf lettuces in two different ways: mini full heads or loose leaves for a salad mix.
Red OakleafOscardeAttractive, lobed leaves are deep cherry-red, turning bright green toward the dense, tender heart.

Green and Red Romaine Lettuce

RomaineCoastal StarThe large, heavy heads are dark green. Suitable for marketing as full heads or romaine hearts. Good, sweet flavor.
Monte CarloMonte Carlo
RomaineMonte CarloDark green, compact romaine for mini and full-size heads. Unique growth habit with savoyed leaves forming in a whorl. Very attractive, uniform plants that are extra dark green. Dense heads can be harvested at a mini size or slightly larger. Creamy centers with great flavor.
Red RomaineBreenBreen forms a very compact mini head early. The short plant averages 8" tall and is very slow to become oversized. Color is a medium bronze red. Though best for mini heads, it can also be used as a medium red baby leaf. Especially nice marketed with other mini romaines.
Red RomaineTruchasThe compact, mini heads are dark red.Plants avg. 6-8" in height and fill out nicely. Excellent item for a 3-pack with a green, and a bronze-red variety.
RomaineSparxUpright, dense heads produce long, uniform hearts with good flavor. Similar to Helvius, which it replaces, but longer hearts and more attractive plants.
Mini RomaineFenbergTruly unique variety with a romaine-like growth habit with very thick, extremely crisp, sweet leaves. Very uniform,dense heads of glossy, medium-green leaves.

Endive - Frisee

FriseeFrenzyA heavy, uniform Tres Fine-type endive with finely curled, deeply cut leaves. The heart blanches to a creamy yellow, and its leaves grow large.
FriseeRhodosSmall endive technically of the French Trés Fine Maraîchère type, often referred to as "frisée" in the salad mix trade. Smooth, but deeply cut, toothed pale green leaves. Forms a mass of tender blanched leaves at the heart for salad mix.


Italian BasilItalian Basil
Large Leaf BasilItalian BasilLarge Leaf basil is considered the best for true Neapolitan recipes, especially pesto. Largest leaves with medium-dark green leaves up to 4" long. Compared to Genovese, the scent and taste are sweeter.

Assorted Salad Blend Products, Garnishes

Scarlet FrillScarlet Frill
Red Mustard GreenScarlet FrillRuffled red and dark green leaves. Mustard green grown as a micro green. Used like sprouts, as a garnish, gourmet salad, or sprinkled over entrées.Spicy Flavor.
Ruby StreaksRuby Streaks
Red Mustard GreenRuby StreaksRuby Streaks' leaves are finely serrated at baby size and mizuna-shaped at full size. The color ranges from dark green with red veins to dark maroon at either size, with the maroon color being darker in cooler weather. The flavor is sweet and slightly pungent. If allowed to bolt, use the flowers to add a little bite to salads and soups, and to brighten up salad mix. The flavor of the flowers is spicy and mustard-like.
MizunaDark Purple MizunaAbout 75% of the leaves are mostly green with a purple tinge in the veins and on the margins. 25% of the leaves are dark purple. Leaves are more deeply toothed compared to regular Mizuna. Best used for salad mix. Mild mustard flavor.
AmaranthGarnet Red AmaranthLeaves dark purple as plant matures. Best used for color in salad mix or as garnish. Mild flavor.