Welcome to Urban Produce

What We Do

Our mission is to provide fresh produce to our local market and accentuate the advantage a controlled environment greenhouse maintains over a traditional farm. Family owned and operated in the Heart of Texas, we grow select varieties of lettuce and leafy greens "under glass" on floating rafts in nutrient rich ponds. We are also proud members of the Go Texan program.

Same Day Harvest

Computers control lights, temperatures, and other critical environmental factors optimizing our growing climate allowing us to produce consistent products year-round. The consistency in the growing environment provides high quality produce and predictable production quantities, strengthening sales and price consistency. Additional control systems allow us to grow a pesticide, insecticide, and fungicide-free product in a safe environment, free from bacterial contamination. Growing within the distribution area reduces handling time ensuring a healthy and long-lasting product that is delivered daily. We work closely with regional grocers and distributors in their locally-grown programs to ensure the freshest product is delivered at the best price.

Our Value Proposition

By focusing exclusively on locally grown lettuce and leafy greens we can deliver exceptional quality produce year-round in a defined distribution area.


  • Eliminates long haul shipping delays, extending shelf life
  • Provides year round production
  • Provides consumer safe products
  • Is priced competitively in the marketplace
  • Has sustainable business practices using proven methods and systems